Complex formulas with simple results for today’s unique lifestyle challenges.


Provantage Health is dedicated to providing bioavailable nutritional supplements that complement your desire for optimal nutrition.

Complex formulas with simple results for today’s unique lifestyle challenges.

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Research shows butyrate is the fuel for the cells that line the intestinal and is a great option to help support the gut microbiome and intestinal health.

Bioavailable & Methylated B Vitamins

It’s important to make sure we included the B vitamins that allow for optimal absorption and help with methylation. 33% of Americans have methylation problems. These issues likely can be improved with the right methylated B vitamins.


Selenium helps optimize the production and metabolism of thyroid hormone and strong research suggests it helps calm down thyroid autoimmune antibodies.
No added Iodine



  • Designed for the busy health conscious person.
  • Complements healthy dietary choices.
  • Made with quality components.
  • Aids in nutrients absorption and utilization.

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  • Suzy M.
    Since taking Vicatalyst I feel a big difference. I have more energy. I'm more alert in the mornings. I have more clarity and I rarely get sick. I can tell my immune system is functioning a lot better.
    Suzy M.
  • Tiffany S.
    I have been waiting for a multivitamin to come out like this!! Finally a multivitamin where they spent the time to do the proper research to make it absorbable so it actually works.
    Tiffany S.
  • Steve V.
    The formulators did not hold back on this one. They spent the time and money to compete with the best of the best. This is by far the best I have seen and has become the only multivitamin I will take.
    Steve V.
  • Becky R.
    Amazing!! I already feel a huge difference! Thank you Provantage Health!!
    Becky R.